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the future of our children depends on your support.

Christian Schools are in the forefront of the battle to save our children's education and we can all help. 

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Join The Movement

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The Christian Education that your institution provides
our children is the bedrock of any good community.


Year after year these programs have given our children the educational values needed to make our communities better while fostering the development of successful adults. 


Unfortunately, Christian organizations are now facing the largest challenges in our Nation’s entire history. Negative politics, liberal agendas, and lowered moral values are impacting our communities tremendously and are threatening our core values like never before. 


The long-term impact of this is damaging and will be irreversible if we do not make changes now.

The GIFTHORSE Program was created so that everyone can help. If you are a business owner you are probably paying for services like Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Web Hosting, and Credit Card Processing. When you choose to work with us, a portion of the fees you pay for any of these services will be donated to your local Christian School every month, for as long as you do business with us. 


Furthermore, you will be working with a local team who shares your values, who is a part of your local community and wants to see it grow responsibly, not some technology company in California pushing the same liberal views that we are trying to keep away from our communities. 


Your monthly gift will help your Christian School grow their reach in our communities, and become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to our children's education. Our hope is to make Christian Schools the only option for parents who value their children's education. 



Click here to learn more about our services.   

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It's time
to work together to protect the future of

our children.

Christian Schools do their best to try to raise money through fundraising events but they always fall short of their financial goals. GIFTHORSE is the only program that can guarantee the funds necessary to grow their scholarship programs, expand their reach in our communities, and you can become a part of this movement simply by working with us.  

What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind for our children?


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We offer on-the-go (Mobile), In-store and online payment solutions to businesses. Take payments from anywhere with our handheld terminals and mobile credit card readers. Accept all card types safely and securely with the latest terminal and POS solutions. Create Online invoices, e-checkout, or over the phone - our selection of robust payment gateways have you covered. 


Digitize your business with the best team of website designers. From concept to creation we will be with you every step of the way to make sure your website reflects your business. From the latest UI/UX practices to the best online tools to manage your site's growth and ranking. 

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Get better ranking on google through our search engine optimization services. We will help with programming your website, adding elements to your website that will help grow your ranking with google. 

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“Knowing that part of the fee I pay for my credit card processing is directly impacting the lives of children makes me feel like I am part of the solution.”

James Reid

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