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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure Christian Schools can will continue to grow and expand their programs, the education of our children, and have the financial resources to pay their mortgages and fight the ongoing liberal agendas, and lowered moral values that have impacted our communities and are threatening our Christian values like never before.


Our vision is simple: Provide Christian Schools with a fundraising program that will generate recurring income for years to come. Through our GiftHorse Program Christian Schools can reach more business owners and like-minded parents in their effort to expand their programs, increase missionary outreach, expand their campus, invest in technology, and continue the education of our children.  

What will be the legacy
we leave for our children?

We want our children to grow and become adults with moral values that enrich our communities. Over the last decades, we have seen many of the world's most powerful individuals and organizations taking aim at our children and our value system. It is time to take a stand for our values. As you know having financial strength and stability is among the most powerful tools that any organization can possess. Our goal is to provide institutions like yours with the necessary financial support to continue making a difference in our children's lives. The legacy we leave behind for our children is to take a stand for what matters, to live by our Christian values, make a difference in our communities, and fight for what is right. 

Let's Work Together

Preschool Science Class

What can we help Christian Schools do?

• Expand their Campus

• Expand their Athletic Program 

• Increase Missionary Outreach 

• Invest in Technology
• Allow for Increased Enrollment

• Pay a Mortgage Payment

Young Barista

How can we help Your business grow?

• Search Engine Optimization

• Branding and Design 

• Website Design  

• Social Media Management
• Business Consulting

• Credit Card Processing

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